Preserving sustainable multi-use trail recreation amidst natural disasters, for present and future generations.

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Buying sweepstakes tickets will help PWORA/RestoreTrails.Org bring back our trails that have been closed after mega-fires over the last several years

The funds raised will equip volunteers with safety gear and tools, rent any equipment necessary for trail work, support logistical needs, help provide chow on work days, and much more.

What We Do is a national non-profit organization that funds volunteer
efforts to protect and restore sustainable multi-use trail recreation on
public lands from the damaging impacts of intense wildfires and other
natural disasters.

P.W.O.R.A.,’s official partner, develops alliances with local user groups that streamlines the creation of volunteer events with our federal agency partners. These events typically remove downed trees, replace damaged signage, trail barriers and repairs other recreational infrastructure such as staging areas and campgrounds. Recovery efforts often include re-establishing watershed protections, monitoring environmental conditions, conducting general trail maintenance along with minor reforestation if necessary.

Goal seeks to protect and restore multi-use recreation areas on public lands and improve post-disaster access for the public. This program also upgrades and enhances the recreational experience creating a desired destination for families to utilize. These goals accelerate the return of recreation use and its economic impact to post-disaster rural communities’ economies, which create jobs and contribute to an economic rebirth in these disadvantaged regions.

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