About RestoreTrails.org

What We Do

RestoreTrails.org is a non-profit organization that focuses on protecting and restoring sustainable multi-use trail recreation from the damaging impacts of intense wildfires and other natural disasters.

Our organization works towards achieving this goal through several activities, including:

Trail Restoration

We work with land managers, volunteers, and other stakeholders to repair trails and other multi-use infrastructure that have been damaged by wildfires and other natural disasters. This involves activities such as removing debris, repairing erosion, and improving drainage.

Education & Outreach

Our organization provides educational resources and outreach programs to multi-use trail enthusiasts, land managers, and other stakeholders. These resources aim to promote responsible multi-use trail activities and increase awareness of the importance of preserving sustainable recreation opportunities.


Our team advocates for policies and programs that support sustainable multi-use trail recreation, including increased funding for trail maintenance and restoration, and improved access to public lands.

Partnership Building

We develop partnerships with other non-profit organizations, government agencies, and businesses to build coalitions and work collaboratively towards our mission.

“Protecting and restoring sustainable multi-use trail recreation is not just about preserving our trails, it’s about preserving our connection to nature and our ability to explore and appreciate it for generations to come.”

  – Ted Cabral, March 2022