Contact: Don Amador, President

Phone: 925.783.1834


Date: 2/17/21


     OAKLEY, CA (Feb. 17) – The Post Wildfire OHV Recovery Alliance (PWORA) is proud to announce that it was successful in completing its Master Participating Agreement (MPA) with the USDA, Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region (R5) located in Vallejo, California.

The purpose of this agreement is to document the cooperation between the parties to recruit, train, mobilize and manage a volunteer workforce of specialists, consultants, subcontractors, individual and/or group volunteers, and youth conservation groups/corps and deploy those resources to mitigate post-wildfire disaster impacts affecting recreation areas and opportunities, particularly Off-Highway Vehicle and trail-related recreation.

The MA serves as a guidance document between the parties to outline general requirements and Supplemental Project Agreements (SPAs) will be the instrument used to outline specific project requirements, field location requirements, and to obligate funds if needed.

Work that would be accomplished under this agreement as outlined in future SP A’s includes, but is not limited to: Trail maintenance and repair, conservation education, youth engagement, training, OHV trail/facility planning, watershed protection, reforestation activities, maintenance of developed recreation facilities, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) compliance for trail-related activities, heritage, and cultural site protection, sign replacement

and installation, and acquiring/managing grant funds.

Don Amador, PWORA President, states, “Getting the Master Agreement finalized was our top priority in 2020 so that PWORA can assist the Forest Service on important post-wildfire recovery projects and to authorize us to provide critically important training opportunities for our contract trail crews, volunteers, and agency staff.”

“PWORA looks forward to working with our civilian, agency, and industry partners as we grow both our professional and volunteer workforce to assist in post-wildfire recovery efforts,” Amador concludes.

 The PWORA Board’s current members are Del Albright, Don Amador, Matson Breakey, Art Crofts, Cam Lockwood, and Eric Lueder.

Link to USDA Forest Service Master Agreement with PWORA here: